Solids are the favours which make the intelligence world go around.

PCs can earn Solids in game by doing favours for members of other Organisations, and can also owe solids in return for favours done. Solids are kept until used, and they can then be used in three ways:

  1. To invoke an Organisational Aspect from the group whose member owes the Solid;
  2. To prevent a Solid accruing to an existing debtor;
  3. To call in support to resist an attack on your Reputation.

Invoking an Organisational Aspect

An agent can call in a solid to gain access to any Organisational or Base Aspect that a) the debtor has access to and b) the creditor knows of the existence of. For example, a PC who has earned a Solid from an NSA agent might spend that Solid to invoke Massively Intrusive Intelligence Gathering Apparatus to assist in a data search, representing a call to their debtor and half an hour’s virtual access to the NSA mainframe.

If the PCs owe a Solid, it can be called in in the same way to gain access to CROSSBOW’s assets or the Pavis Base Aspects.

This use of a Solid can be refused, but at a cost (see below).

Preventing a Solid accruing

If a character does a Solid favour for someone to whom they already owe a Solid, then one owed Solid is automatically cancelled instead of gaining a Solid. You can never owe and be owed by the same person at any given time (although it is possible to owe someone who used to owe you, and vice versa).

This use of a Solid can not be refused.

Resisting a Reputation Attack

A character whose Reputation is attacked may call in favours to uphold their standing, each Solid used in this way granting a +2 bonus to the character’s defence. Using favours owed by rival and enemy agents may attract suspicion.

This use of a Solid can be refused, but at a cost (see below).

Refusing to repay a Solid

A character may decide that it is not in their best interests to repay a Solid when asked. Regardless of their reason for this, the creditor may immediately make an attack on the defaulting debtor’s Reputation using their Networking skill, with a +2 bonus. Alternatively, the creditor may choose to keep the Solid for another time.


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