Skill List

Academics – Learning and knowledge, covering both existing studies and ability to research and absorb further knowledge.
With the Medical Cross-Training stunt it can be used to heal injuries, and is also used for ritual magic.

Athletics – Physical mobility, covering speed and agility.
The default defence against hand-to-hand attacks.

Awareness – The ability to notice things in your immediate vicinity or in recorded media.
The default skill for determining Initiative in combat, and for defence against shooting attacks.

Coerce – The ability to evoke fear, shame, greed or other ‘negative’ emotions for leverage.
Used for Theurgic magic.

Computers – The ability to programme and infiltrate electronic devices.

Deceive – The ability to lie convincingly.

Hand-to-hand – The ability to fight, either armed or unarmed.

Networking – A combination of status and favours in and out of the organisation, allowing you to gain information and access to specialist equipment; levels will grant extra reputation stress boxes.

Operate – The ability to drive and operate mechanical devices.

Persuade – The ability to evoke trust, friendship or other ‘positive’ emotions for leverage.

Read – The ability to discern the emotional states of others.

Security – The ability to set up or defeat physical security systems.

Shoot – What it says on the tin.

Stealth – The ability to move unseen and unheard, or unnoticed.

Tech – The ability to repair and create devices.

Toughness – Physical strength and stamina; high levels of toughness grant extra physical stress boxes.

Tradecraft – A combination of spy techniques enabling you to operate as an espionage officer. This acts as a general purpose investigative skill.

Will – Mental strength and stamina; high levels of will grant extra mental stress boxes.
Used to activate magical talismans.

The Pyramid
1 Skill at Great (+ 4)
2 Skills at Good (+ 3)
3 Skills at Fair (+ 2)
4 Skills at Average (+ 1)

Skill List

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