Equipment Aspects and Bonus Stunts

All CROSSBOW agents are assumed to have access to a certain amount of cool spy gear as a matter of course. Unless they have been stripped of equipment then they are assumed to have at least some of this with them. To represent this, all Agents have a Gear Aspect and a stunt called I’m a spy.

I’m a spy – The character can be assumed to have immediate access to any easily portable spy gear relevant to his Aspect, unless actively stripped of gear by the enemy or forced to go in light, e.g. for stealth reasons. Larger items (up to the size of a walking stick or briefcase) may be assumed to be stored in the nearest CROSSBOW vehicle. This applies only to non-combat items which do not provide a bonus, weapons up to WR2 and Armour up to Medium.

Drawback – unless the players have specifically declared that they are not carrying their gear, they are likely to be in trouble if searched.

For CROSSBOW operatives, standard equipment includes any and all of the following:

  • Secure comms with earpiece and throat mic (requires a Good roll to intercept, and gives +1 Deceive when attempting to communicate undetected)
  • Light body armour
  • Secure smartphone
  • Pocket knife/Multitool
  • Torch
  • Gloves
  • Sidearm (allows Shoot attacks)

In addition, a Gear Aspect can be invoked for effect by spending a Fate point. This allows the player to declare one piece of relevant equipment, which may provide a bonus or include weapons up to WR3 and 1 special effect or Heavy armour, that they are carrying on their person or in the car (or which is the car.)

See also Equipment.

Specialty Gear Aspects

Gear Aspects are based on the character’s speciality. A list of likely equipment is included with each aspect.

Reconnaissance Gear Aspects

  • Be Prepared
    • Standard kit – Survival kit, rope, signal flare, binoculars, tent, thermals, emergency rations and water
    • Invoke for effect – Full climbing harness, medkit, hunting rifle
  • Book Bag
    • Standard kit – Magnifying lenses, static free cloths, calibers and tweezers, trowel.
    • Invoke for effect – Reference texts, translation aids, bookbinding materials and tools

Observation Gear Aspects

  • Tools of the Trade
    • Standard kit – Laptop, listening devices, lockpicks, wire cutters
    • Invoke for effect – Directional mic, specialised cameras, specialist tools
  • Dressed to Kill
    • Standard kit – Fabulous clothes, reversible coat, change of glasses
    • Invoke for effect – Disguise kit, prosthetics

Security Gear Aspects

  • Armed and Dangerous
    • Standard kit – Alarms, alarm bypass, lockpicks, additional weapons, night vision, remote controlled bugs
    • Invoke for effect -
  • Invisible Arsenal
    • Standard kit – Lockpicks, concealed weapons, bugs.
    • Invoke for effect – Collapsible weapons.
    • Special – Invisible Arsenal limits the weapons that can be included in the Aspect to WR2, but removes the standard drawback of I’m a Spy.

If a character is stripped – voluntarily or with assistance – the character temporarily loses the Equipment Aspect. The character’s player may make a create an advantage roll using Deceive against the defender’s passive Will to create an Equipment Aspect called Fortunately they Missed This.

Bonus Stunts

Bonus stunts represent the specialist training of the three specialities. Each Operative can choose one on top of their basic three stunts, without losing a point of Refresh.

Reconnaissance Stunts

  • Grilled bear – gain a +2 bonus when using an Overcome action with Tradecraft to survive in the wild;
  • Walk this way – apply your Stealth skill to the entire group, provided you can communicate;
  • Work the scene – Roll Tradecraft to uncover one Aspect of the perpetrator by examining a crime scene.

Observation Stunts

  • If my calculations are correct… – gain a +2 bonus to Create an Advantage using the Tech skill to deploy or reprogram a device;
  • Look, a monkey – make an Overcome action using Persuade before the start of a Contest or Conflict; the opposing side may make a Defence action using Will (if there are multiple opponents, use the highest Will in the group, and add +1 for every two people in the group) to distract the enemy, forcing them to make only Defence actions in the first phase of the contest or conflict;
  • The sysadmin, not the system – use your Read skill in an Overcome action to break a password or encryption if you have access to information on the users or designers.

Security Stunts

  • Backstab – use Stealth to make an attack against an enemy who does not know you are there.
  • Trick shot – gain a +2 bonus using Shoot to Create an Advantage with a well-placed shot.
  • Disarm – if you tie a Fight attack against an armed opponent, you may choose to disarm them instead of gaining a boost.

Equipment Aspects and Bonus Stunts

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