The focus of each CROSS facility is its Operatives, but behind them are the hard-working men and women of their support departments. Each base has three departments, covering the three specialties, which can be called upon to support missions and provide vital additional skills, resources, manpower or biomass.

Each department has a Lead Operative, and may have one or more secondary Operatives. Operatives are PCs or named NPCs.

In addition, the department has a deputy, a named NPC with an aspect and a skill at Good (+3). While operating within or (where appropriate) in contact with the Base, an Operative may tap the deputy of their own department to invoke their Aspect (once per session for free) or make a roll using their skill. If the deputy is incapacitated, their skill and Aspect are not available until they recover.

Each department has two Aspects, plus an additional aspect for each operative working within that specialty. The Aspects must relate to the specialty of the department, and represent the deployment of its personnel. Physical resources are represented by Base Aspects; Departmental Aspects specifically cover the people. One of the Aspects must relate to the character of the lead Operative and one must relate to the deputy’s character.

The Operatives of the department can invoke one aspect once for free each session; additional calls require an Advantage or Fate point.

Departmental description

‘Specialty’ (Number of Aspects)
Lead Operative:
Secondary Operatives:
Deputy: Name (Aspect, Skill +3)
Lead Operative Aspect
Deputy Aspect
+1 Aspect per Operative


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