Base Aspects

Any building has Aspects which define it, and which can be used to Create Advantages within and around the building. A building which is important enough to count as a base of operations for an individual or group has one or more additional Aspects built into it.

Basic Aspects

Each building has at least three Aspects to define:

  • Structure
  • Location
  • Purpose

Additional Aspects

A base has additional aspects in any of the following categories:

  • Security and Strategic advantages
  • Contents and Facilities
  • Services and Infrastructure

Many assets may be double-edged, such a Large Air Ducts or Hidden Boom Closet, as an enemy can attempt to Create an Advantage with them. Such is the nature of Aspects.

When creating a base, assign two additional aspects for each significant character using the location as a base. The residents of the base may tag each aspect for free once (between all residents) per encounter, and additional uses may be invoked with Fate points or by Creating an Advantage.

Base Aspects

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