Operatives of CROSSBOW

Silver Trojan

The Doom that Came to Pavis

In which the team are hit where they live, and hit back hard

Location: Pavis Base
Primary Mission: Neutralise all intruders
Secondary Mission: Protect CROSSBOW assets and personnel; Prevent compromise of CROSSBOW database

Associated Intelligence Files

  1. Pavis Base
  2. Wildfire Protocol
  3. Aetheric Cascade


Silver Trojan.

Security breach in Pavis Base. Automatic security systems non-responsive.

Initiate manual lockdown. Secure high-priority assets.

Wildfire Protocol is in effect. Aetheric Cascade will reach critical level in one hour, thirteen minutes.

Neutralise intruders and restore perimeter or Wildfire protocol will be concluded.

Aetheric cascade will reach critical level in one hour, thirteen minutes.



Pavis Base security was compromised by infiltrators possessing the bodies of security personnel, and the estate assaulted by melee shock troops and special operations teams. Base personnel rallied swiftly, however, and repelled the attack at the inner perimeter. Several guards were killed, but all non-military personnel and critical assets were protected.


crouchingmarker crouchingmarker

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