Operatives of CROSSBOW

Operation Kraken Aerolith

Vengeance, served hot

In which the team get all up in their enemy’s grill

Location: Africanus PMC Primary Compound
Primary Mission: Infiltrate Titanaeum
Secondary Mission: Prevent alarm sounding; Neutralise hostiles; Impound occult materia; Do not spook the muggles

Associated Intelligence Files

  1. The Furies
  2. Africanus Compound


Incoming Black Box Signal

Sender Ident: Excalibur

Control in receipt of intelligence material gleaned from prisoners detained during recent assault on Pavis Base. Transport And Logistics Command will organise removal of prisoners to dedicated facilities.

Request to execute retaliatory and information-gathering exercise against identified enemy facility codenamed Marathon approved. The General aUxiliary And Reinforcement Division will provide additional equipment and assets for a clandestine operation, including a retrieval specialist.

Your primary mission will be to gather information on the enemy. Neutralising hostile forces, while desirable, is not a priority. Available information suggests heavy, armed resistance. Please refrain from conducting a land war in Royal Buckinghamshire.




crouchingmarker crouchingmarker

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