Operatives of CROSSBOW

Operation Let's be Spies

Eclectic Boogaloo

In which Gordy’s cover gets blown, Georgie’s kill gets ninjaed, and Milt’s containment unit gets a guest.

Location: Exilis night club, Leicester
Primary Mission: Gather intelligence on the Middle Men cartel
Secondary Mission: Avoid detection

Associated Intelligence Files

  1. The Middle Men


Mission developed internally in pursuit of leads.


The team infiltrated the Exilis nightclub, with Gordy going undercover and the others bringing their prisoner in as guests. They were made when Gordy tried to break into the Middle Men’s files, but were able to plant a listening device and Gordy did gain access to the security cameras. They escaped to a cafe, where the Middle Men tried to kill them with a manticore, and almost succeeded.


crouchingmarker crouchingmarker

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