Operatives of CROSSBOW

Operation Derivative Innovation

The Dresen File

In which our heroes go to the wolves.

Location: Leipzig Zoo, Germany
Primary Mission: Locate and neutralise any supernatural presence
Secondary Mission: Locate the abducted civilians and retrieve if possible

Associated Intelligence Files

  1. The Codex
  2. Gregori Abramovich
  3. The Abramovich File
  4. Demons
  5. Ninjas


Incoming Black Box signal

Sender ident: Excalibur

Recent reports from the CROSS-STITCH German field office in Dresden have included worrying mentions of creatures similar to the goblins encountered during Operation Valorous Chime active in the city of Dresden, concurrent with a rash of disappearances by persons visiting the zoo.

Zoo officials and the Dresden police have agreed to allow your team access to the zoo out of hours to investigate. Track down any supernatural occurrences, prevent further disappearances and eliminate any significant threat while remaining alert for any connection to Abramovich and the Codex.


The team deployed at the zoo and soon confronted cultists and goblins riding wolves. The goblins and their wargs proved to be human cultists and zoo wolves possessed by some supernatural force, the former voluntarily. Infiltrating an antique underground lair, they confronted and – barely – subdued a force of larger goblins and a demon, rescuing most of the captives before they could be sacrificed.

Gordy got handy with a sword, Georgie got beat up bad, and Elliot started talking to his imaginary friend.


crouchingmarker crouchingmarker

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