Welcome to the Bureau of the Otherworldly

Good morning Agents,

You have been recruited to join the Combined Reconnaissance, Observation and Security Service, a non-governmental agency operating under the auspices of the United Nations. Our remit is to protect the world from extraordinary threats which, by their scope or nature, defy the efforts of national security concerns.

Due to your rarefied skill set, you have been selected to join the most clandestine section of the CROSS Organisation; the Bureau of the Otherworldly. We are the human world’s first and last line of defence against the alien, the occult, and the things that man was not meant to wot of. We are the candle in the dark, the light against the shadow. We are the front line in a war that has no name; our battles go unreported and unremarked; our deeds are unthanked, our deaths unmourned. Yet, our actions are the line between civilisation and the cloying shadow of a new dark age.

Agents, welcome to CROSSBOW.


Operatives of CROSSBOW

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