The Tomb

The Tomb is the second part of the complex uncovered by Abramovich on Samuka Island off the shore of Lake Victoria. The first part was The Crypt, which Abramovich mapped and explored before the British East Africa Company forced him from the dig site.


Locating traps requires an Alertness roll against a passive resistance of +3. A character with suitable archaeological training may substitute Academics for Alertness.

Pit Trap

Athletics vs. difficulty of +2, or +4 if the location is unknown. Failure inflicts 2 shifts of damage and requires an escape from the pit (Athletics Challenge vs. +2, defeat adds the Exhausted aspect as well as leaving the character trapped.)

Spike Trap

Essentially a souped-up pit trap, this inflicts an extra 2 shifts of damage, and 2 shifts each time an escape attempt it failed.

Blade Trap

Attacks anyone trying to pass with an effective skill of +2, or +4 if the location is unknown. Characters may defend with Awareness instead of Athletics.

Fear Trap

Radiates a sense of terror. Anyone within three hexes suffers a mental attack_ with an effective skill of +2 (defend with Will). This attack is repeated every few seconds as long as the character is within three hexes of the trap.

Flame Trap

Ejects a blast of fire within a cone. Those in the path of the fire must defend against a +2 Physical attack with WR1.



The Annex is a side passage leading to a small, effectively blind room.


The Kennel is a sealed room containing a number of eggs. If the seal is broken (requiring an Athletics or Academics roll against +4) the eggs will begin to hatch into small dragons.

Small Dragon
Newborn Monster, Killer Instinct, Confused
Athletics +2, Toughness +1, Awareness +1
Breathe fire – make an attack using Toughness with WR1
Stress [] [] []

Robing Room

Contains the remnants of the robes of the priesthood of Thoth. The mirroring robing room of the priests of Anubis has been lost to a landslide.

Ritual Chamber

A place of offering and sacrifice. The walls depict scenes of sacrifice similar to the weighing of the heart ceremony, but with a great deal more focus on the heart being offered up to Ammut. A successful Academics roll at +3 will provide a hint that taking the falcon requires a blood offering.

A massive dais and altar dominates the western end of the room, while statues of Thoth and Anubis stand guard at the doorways. A golden falcon sits atop the altar.

The Thoth and Anubis statues are Fear Traps.


The walls are decorated with scenes of battle between Egyptian warriors and those of other lands. In each instance the Egyptians are victorious and are casting their defeated enemies up into the sky where the figures of the gods watch.

The statue is of no known Egyptian deity. It is a humanoid figure with a spined head and a long, beak-like proboscis, holding a blade in each hand. The blades are separate from the statue and may be removed and wielded; they are also talismans. The inscriptions (Academics vs. +3) identify the god as ‘Osiris, Lord of Hosts’, although the form is not that of any classical depiction of Osiris.

The inscriptions also point to a hidden vault, and to the door behind the statue (Academics vs +4).

The statue also contains a flame trap which activates when one of the swords is removed. The other triggers the secret door.

The Crypt

The final chamber is the crypt which contains the body of Asaah-ral, the once-Osiris, held within a great sarcophagus of stone.

The Communion Chalice
A cup sits atop the sarcophagus, its inner surface stained with ancient blood.

The Tomb

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