CROSSBOW is just a small part of the larger CROSS Organisation, and not the most respectable or the best funded. It tends to attract oddballs, loners and fringe theorists, although as these are still drawn from the CROSS network, they remain highly skilled oddballs, loners and fringe theorists. The Bureau is divided into seven regional offices, each reporting to and taking orders directly from Control, the enigmatic central office, located in the depths of Nowhere and staffed by no-one on the CROSS Organisation’s official records or payroll.

The CROSSBOW offices are:

  • Control; central office. Location: Unknown
  • Pavis Base; European office. Location: Windlass Manor, Sussex
  • Siege Base; North American office. Location: Baxter Building, New York
  • Tiller Base; South American office. Location: Hawksnest Manor, Bolivia
  • Stirrup Base; North African office. Location: Akhetaten Hotel, Cairo
  • Crannequin Base; Southern African office. Location: Robben Island Prison, South Africa
  • Tickler Base; Middle East and Western Asian office. Location: Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi
  • Lath Base; Oceanian office. Location: Dunedin Castle, New Zealand

CROSSBOW has no team in China.

As all seven teams are alternately underworked or pushed beyond endurance, it is not uncommon for one to be flown in to support another.

Organisational Aspects

Concept: The Scooby Gang Go Pro
Trouble: “That’s not in the budget”
Asset: Reliquary of the bizarre
Asset: Black Box

Weird Connection: “Hey; it’s what we do”


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