CROSS Organisation

The Combined Reconnaissance, Observation and Security Service is a non-governmental agency operating under the extremely loose auspices of the United Nations to provide a unified, central intelligence group. The heads of the various Divisions which make up the CROSS Organisation sit on the shadow cabal known as Central, which is responsible for oversight and strategic planning, as well as overall command of the organisation.

Organisational Aspects

Concept: Big Brother’s Kindly Uncle
Trouble: “And they talk about ‘sovereign rights’”
Asset: Top-Level Access
Asset: Deep Pockets
Asset: Distributed Command Structure
Liability: Too Many Cooks

Weird Connection: “We pay people for that”


The Straight Arrows

CROSS-STITCH – Special Taskforce for International Tactical Cooperation and Harmony; responsible for inter-agency operational collaboration.
CROSSBIT – Bureau of International counter-Terrorism.
CROSSDRESS – Division of Research, Evaluation and Strategic Services; R&D.

The Wild Cards

CROSSCUT – Covert and Undercover Taskforce; responsible for deep-cover operations.
CROSSBOW – Bureau of the Other-Worldly; responsible for unconventional threat response. The Head of CROSSBOW, Control, is known to have opted out of Central.


All divisions of CROSS divide their operations – and their Operatives – into three Departments. Operatives are trained in one of these roles, and while all CROSS operatives are expected to be flexible, each has their specialty (represented in-game by an Equipment Aspect and a bonus stunt).


The reconnaissance specialist covers preliminary field investigation and assessment, and calls for training in stealth, fieldcraft, basic infiltration, investigative and combat skills. Many reconnaissance operatives, especially in CROSSBOW, also have a strong educational background. Their Equipment Aspect is ‘Be Prepared’.


Observation specialists work with long-range, electronic surveillance, computer hacking and undercover investigation, and are highly trained in a mixture of technical skills and social manipulation. They tend to be divided into technical and social sub-specialities. Their Equipment Aspect is ‘Tools of the Trade’.


Tactical combat and executive action are the purview of the security specialist. Security operatives are trained in stealth, combat and assassination techniques, and are traditionally the weakest operatives in fieldcraft and analysis. Their Equipment Bonus is ‘Armed and Dangerous’.

CROSS Organisation

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