T.E. Fyfield


T.E. Fyfield is a writer of weird fiction. His work is modestly successful, but he himself is something of a mystery. His works contain no photographs of him and he has never been interviewed, although not for want of trying. A handful of fanzines have published what purported to be letters from Fyfield, but these have all been proven to be hoaxes perpetrated by or against the zines in question.

Fyfield writes in the genre of cosmic horror. His work is often likened to that of H.P. Lovecraft, but while the themes of cosmic indifference and the grotesque secret nature of the universe are shared by the two authors, Fyfield’s later work in particular draws a vein of technological cynicism and spiritual sterility from his modern millieu that distinguishes him from the earlier writer. Protagonists of the Cthulhu Mythos might be horrified to discover the vicious and uncaring nature of the true gods of the cosmos; those in Fyfield’s work are typically dismayed to learn that there are gods at all. An underlying theme in much of his work is reflections or duplicates.

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T.E. Fyfield

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