Maegan McBride


Maegan McBride dresses the part of a celebrity psychic, wearing dark, floaty dresses with her dark hair worn loose. She speaks in a sing-song voice and her eyes are always focused on the middle distance.

Psychic to the Stars
Rich and Famous
+4 Read
+3 Networking
+2 Deceive
+1 Persuade
+1 Will

Visions of Glory – May use her Read skill to create an advantage to be used in the next week. Until that advantage is used, or the week ends, she may not use this stunt again.

The Once Box

Physical [] []
Mental [] [] []
Reputation [] [] [] []

Miss Carson
Aspects: Organisational wizard, Call me Emily
Skills: (3) Computer, (2) Tradecraft, (+1) Academics
Stunts: Fortunately I foresaw this… – Use Tradecraft to Create an Advantage by placing an item in the environment.
Stress: [] []

Mr Sabre
Aspects: The Man from Security, Eyes of a Hawk
Affiliation: Sabre Security
Skills: (3) Hand-to-Hand, (2) Security, Awareness, (+1) Shoot, Read
Stunts: Defence Pattern Delta – +2 to use Awareness to Create an Advantage by deploying trained forces.
Stress: [] [] []

The security forces at the Castle are employees of Sabre Security (Aspect – Completely Professional).


Maegan McBride

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