Dr Carl Orloff

Sinister Archaeologist


A tall, serious-looking man who seems younger than his 60+ years. He has an accent which an expert can identify as Romanian.


Dr Carl Orloff was once a respected archaeologist, specialising in Egypt and its neighboring North African and Levantine states. In the last two decades he has drifted notably into the fringes of archaeological theory, developing an obsession with the occult and in particular with North African funerary ritual. His core obsession is the existence of a hidden ‘Cthonic’ priesthood originating in the Mountains of the Moon and exercising an influence on many cultures in North Africa, Mesopotamia and around the Mediterranean, including the Egyptians, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. He claims that the tell-tale signs of their influence are mystery cults utilising subterranean sacred spaces.

Dr Carl Orloff

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