Doctors Kropotkin

Honest folks, bad place


Dr Ileana Kropotkin
Occupation: Archaeologist
Affiliation: Unknown
Description: A tall, thin woman with fine, greying black hair and sharp, intelligent eyes. She is elegant and refined, with just a touch of nervousness. She is the granddaughter of Orientalist Gregori Abramovich and the daughter of noted psychologist Dr Yuri Abramovich.

Dr Stepan Kropotkin
Occupation: Cryptographer
Affiliation: Unknown
Description: Just as tall and thin as his wife, and with just as intelligent eyes, but almost completely bald. He is nervous and precise. His paternal grandmother, Elena, was part of the Russian codebreaking service in WWII, and engendered a love of codes from an early age.

The Kropotkins spent a substantial part of their lives and fortunes in pursuit of the secrets of the Abramovich Codex, discovered by Ileana’s grandfather. Their great breakthrough was the recovery of the Cypher Key from a Cairo museum in 2005, but increased interference from their sponsor, General Vladimirev, slowed and eventually halted research.

When Vladimirev announced his intention to sell the book and Key to another party, the Kropotkins chose to arrange a handover with CROSSBOW instead.

Doctors Kropotkin

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